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Photographing the West podcast

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Dec 15, 2020

Kevin Dooley is a very well-known wildlife photographer in Alaska and Africa and has led many, many trips to both regions resulting in outstanding wildlife photos. Join us for a virtual trip to Alaska to photograph Alaska grizzly bears and learn from the best!



Nov 30, 2020

Caron is a self-taught wildlife photographer with beautiful photos and an excellent eye for composition. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from her photographic journey. You can find her photos here:



Wild Birds...

Nov 16, 2020

Perri describes herself as a romantic landscape photographer and this comes through in her wonderfully beautiful images. While she does a lot of preparation and pre-visualizing, she is also spontaneous and takes advantage of the moment. Join us for a deep dive into fine art landscape photography. Don't miss this...

Oct 30, 2020

Matt has many years experience with astrophotography all around the world using everything from DSLR's to telescopes. He shares his knowledge in this podcast about Milky Way Photography.

Visit his website for great photography, tutorials and workshops at: and

Oct 15, 2020

Alan is a professional landscape photographer who loves to backpack into the backcountry of the Pacific NW, British Columbia and the Rockies to obtain incredible photos of remote, seldom visited locations. In this episode we review his preparations for backcountry trips and review in detail some of his...