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Photographing the West podcast

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Mar 15, 2017

Dan Wheeler Show Notes


Dan is a landscape photographer in Petaluma, CA and he combines his photography business with a framing business. Dan’s first love is photographing water in all its variety, but he also shoots San Francisco architecture and the grand landscape in Yosemite. He prints his own photos in addition to sharing them on Facebook and Instagram. Dan enjoys sharing his workflow through instructional videos on YouTube. Backpacking is an important part of his life and he frequents the Desolation Wilderness just west of Lake Tahoe.

Our discussion includes the nuts and bolts of his photography as well as his photography business. Dan shoots with a Nikon 810 and prints on a wide format Epson 7600. He sells his prints through his website and his Facebook page. Below are some examples of his work and where to find him on the internet and Facebook.