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Mar 2, 2017

Lewis Kemper Show Notes


Lewis is an extremely well-known wildlife and nature photographer. He leads workshops around the world and lectures throughout the U.S. Two of his passions are photographing bears, especially the Alaskan coastal brown bears in Lake Clark National Park, and the wildlife and landscapes of the American River near his home in Sacramento, CA.

His photos of the Lake Clark bears are amazing and in this podcast, he discusses his experiences photographing them as well as photographing bears in Denali and Pack Creek. In his experience, the photo opportunities at Lake Clark are superior to either of these locations. Below are some of his Lake Clark photos.


Lewis has been working on his American River project for three years or more. A section of the river is very near his home and he spends many winter days in his kayak photographing otters, Great Blue Herons and other forms of wildlife in addition to wonderful sunsets.  This project was written up recently in Outdoor Photographer at and he has a Vimeo recording documenting the project as well as a DVD of it. View it or buy it at this URL.  

A few photos from his American River project are shown below.


Lewis Kemper’s work can be seen at That’s also the place to sign up for his workshops and his newsletter. His workshops fill up quickly when announced. His August 2017 Lake Clark workshop is already full.  The best way to keep track of what he’s offering is to sign up for his newsletter.