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Photographing the West podcast

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Apr 15, 2017

Chuck Kimmerle Show Notes


Chuck is a fine art landscape photographer based in Casper, WY. He typically eschews the grand landscape in favor of local images that capture his imagination. However, he has been a frequent participant and judge for the National Park Service Artist-in-Residence program. His own residencies have included Zion, North Cascades, Glacier and Joshua Tree national parks. We discuss the application process, who should apply, application requirements and responsibilities of a successful applicant. The discussion goes a bit off topic as we also discuss his fine art photography near home including his workflow. Chuck does a limited number of workshops, but has been active participant in the annual Moab Photo Symposium both as a workshop leader and a lecturer.

A sample of Chuck's photos:

You can find his work at:

His Unapologetic Photographer blog can be found at:

Information about the Moab Photography Symposium is at: