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Photographing the West podcast

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Jan 30, 2017

Dan Esarey Podcast Show Notes


Dan is a professional photographer living in St. Louis and photographing all over the west.  One of his special interests is photographing the cowboy life. He has photographed working cowboys on ranches in Colorado, Kansas and Texas. Some of these ranches have been photographed several times to take advantage of changing ranch life activities and changing weather.  Dan recommends approaching ranchers with copies of his work and providing copies back to the ranch owner or manager of each of the cowboys.  These have been well received and led to return visits. He notes that it is important to respect the cowboy’s privacy as well as their way of life.  And to approach each project slowly getting to know the cowboys as people before picking up a camera.

In the second half of the show, Dan and I discuss Dan’s career with the St. Louis Art Museum and his success in getting his images hung in galleries in Missouri, Wyoming and Florida.  He uses metal prints almost exclusively and highly recommends Diversified Lab Services in St. Louis for metal prints.

Dan’s work including western landscapes, ranch life, nightscapes and many more can be seen on his website at: and he can be contacted at

Below are several of Dan Esarey’s photos.  All of these photos are copyright Dan Esarey and may not be used or copied without specific permission of Dan Esarey.  All rights are reserved specifically to Dan Esarey.



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