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Jul 4, 2017


Canyon de Chelly is one of those mysterious, some say spiritual, western locations that many photographers have on their bucket list. Today, I’m interviewing professional western adventure and travel photographer Dan Esarey. He approached Canyon de Chelly in a fashion that is unique to most photographers, on horseback. Dan discusses the logistics of the trip, the photographic challenges and the physical challenges to this type of trip. Despite the challenges, he captured some excellent images of the canyon from a different perspective.

To enter the canyon, you need a Navajo guide since the land belongs to the Navajo Nation. The guides share the history of the canyon, point out the significant sites and interpret their meaning and in this instance, cook and setup camp. There are a variety of ways to see the canyon: from the rim, by jeep or on horseback. All have their advantages and disadvantages as well as unique perspectives. However, you choose to visit, be sure check this off your bucket list soon.  It’s a very special place.

Dan Esarey's Images are available here:

Canyon de Chelly

Monument Valley 


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