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Photographing the West podcast

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Apr 15, 2017

Jeff Rich Show Notes


Jeff Rich is a wildlife photographer who has achieved success in this very competitive field by being hard working and passionate about his chosen field of photography. Like many a photographer, his interest started in high school, grew in college during his degree program in wildlife biology and blossomed into success as a result of long hours spent after working his day job and after his growing family went to bed. As a result of his passion and hard work, he has become well-known in the field of editorial photography by developing a large catalog of high quality images of birds and other wildlife from throughout the western U.S. including many parts of Alaska. He is on the monthly want lists of many magazine editors and calendar companies searching for images for their publications. His recognition allowed him to approach publishers with two ideas for books that went on to be published commercially: Baby Birds available from Jeff’s website or from my Amazon aStore at  and  The Complete Guide to Bird Photography: Field Techniques for Birders and Nature Photographers also available on Jeff’s website and from my Amazon aStore

This podcast explores Jeff’s professional life as a wildlife photographer both from a photographer’s point of view and a business man’s point of view. It’s an interesting and inspiring story of one photographers lifelong dream and how he fulfilled it. I highly recommend his books and his website. Below is a sample of some of his work.